Best Bar None.

InExeter support Best Bar None (BBN) which is designed to deliver for the guest and for the venue. Guests can expect a Best Bar None Venue to be well run, have ‘Ask for Angela’ in place and a vulnerability policy that means even if you are not a guest of a BBN venue they are committed to your safety and wellbeing.

Safer Exeter.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in in the city centre has always been high on our agenda. InExeter is committed to improving the security of our city and continues to strengthen business resilience through key partnerships with Devon & Cornwall Police, Exeter City Council, and community partners.

InExeter aims to make the city as safe and resilient as possible. The perception of safety is just as important to us as crime statistics.

Business Crime Reduction Partnership .

Exeter Business Against Crime (EBAC) is a proactive partnership dedicated to combating business crime and anti-social behaviour.  It provides a communication network to increase awareness of offenders and criminal activity in the City. This is achieved using a two-way digital radio network and the City’s CCTV system.

The EBAC DISC system is a secure intranet which allows us to share up to date images and incident reports of those who commit shoplifting or anti- social behaviour offences. DISC allows us to gather and share intelligence between members and with the Police as determined by data exchange protocols. 

InExeter subsidise EBAC membership for independent businesses and charities.

Community Safety Partnership .

the Exeter Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is a multi-agency strategic group created with the sole purpose of ‘making a safer city’.

Exeter CSP comprises a number of member organisations and includes representatives from agencies with a statutory responsibility for community safety, as well as partners from key voluntary and not-for-profit agencies.

By working closely with our partners, we can ensure that resources are directed towards the issues, crimes and anti-social behaviour that impact our business community and visitors to the area the most.

We represent our business members on:

  • Community Safety Executive Group – meets quarterly.
  • Community Safety Management Group – meets fortnightly.
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour sub-group – meets bi-monthly.