Planting and Landscaping.

At InExeter, we're dedicated to enhancing our urban environment through greening initiatives that brighten the city and promote health and wellbeing for all. Thanks to the contributions of our business community, we've implemented a range of projects across the city to plant-up spaces that everyone can enjoy.

You've likely noticed our 140+ hanging baskets adorning the streets, adding a vibrant burst of colour to our cityscape. Additionally, we've installed 14 stand-alone planters on Sidwell Street and numerous barrier planters on North Street. Our commitment to greening extends to maintaining flower beds throughout the area, adding beauty and biodiversity to our surroundings.

In response to increased demand for outdoor seating areas during the pandemic, we've introduced two planted 'parklets' on Fore Street and Musgrave Row. These inviting spaces offer a peaceful retreat where locals and visitors alike can connect with nature amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Partnering with local nursery Boyce's, we provide seasonal displays that showcase the best of each season's flora, enhancing the visual appeal of our streets. All planting our planting is maintained to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

InExeter proudly leads Exeter's annual Britain in Bloom campaign in collaboration with Exeter City Council and community partners. This prestigious accolade recognises our ongoing investment in landscaping and greening initiatives, highlighting our commitment to creating a more sustainable and attractive city.

Street Art.

Since 2022, we have been working on projects to transform unloved areas of the city to create vibrant and colourful spaces in collaboration with local and national artists. The project has achieved 10 street art enhancements.

Cleaning Team.

At InExeter, we understand the importance of making a positive first impression. That's why we're committed to providing year-round street cleansing in our vibrant business district.

Our Street Cleansing service, funded through business levy contributions, goes above and beyond the standard cleaning services offered by the City Council.

We target areas in need of deep cleaning to enhance the environment for local businesses and visitors alike. Our dedicated operatives are equipped machinery capable of removing chewing-gum and jet-washing pavements. They're also on standby to address any issues reported by the BID team and levy payers, providing rapid-response emergency cleansing when necessary.

  • High-pressure hot/jet pavement wash
  • Removal of human & animal waste, vomit, or litter
  • Safe disposal of needles & associated waste
  • Collection & disposal of abandoned debris and waste (excluding residential)
  • Chewing gum removal