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Anti-social behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is conduct that causes harassment, alarm or distress to any person. For Exeter, the majority (79%) of reported ASB incidents concern rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour sometimes associated with street drinking.

What should I do if I witness anti-social behaviour?

InExeter are members of the Community Safety Partnership and are working with city partners on a plan to tackle ASB in the city. This includes addressing criminal offences such as shoplifting, public order offences and the supply and use of illegal substances. Please use the reporting form to tell us about anti-social behaviour you are experiencing so we can best advocate for the changes needed in our city.

Our Reporting form

Break ins and theft.

In the event you are witnessing a crime in progress such as theft or break ins call 999 immediately.

What should I do in the event of a break in or theft?

In the event of a non-emergency crime, please report online or call 101 for incidents including:

  • A stolen item 
  • Property damage 
  • Anti-social behavior 
  • If you suspect drug dealing. 
However, if a crime is in progress and/or there is a threat to life please call 999 immediately.  

Report non-emergency crimes here

Connecting with other businesses.

We actively encourage businesses to connect, as it can be a good way to improve customer engagement, track whats happening in Exeter and may even open up interesting collaboration opportunities.

How should I connect with businesses around me?

InExeter administer WhatsApp groups for areas in the city including: 

  • Gandy Street 
  • High Street 
  • Magdalen Road 
  • Sidwell and Paris Street 
  • South & North Street 
  • West Quarter 
Please get in touch with the InExeter team with your mobile number and which group you would like to be added to. You can also sign up to receive our newsletter in the link below.

Sign up to the newsletter

Drug use.

In the event you are witnessing a crime in progress call 999 immediately. To report a non-emergency crime, please call 101 for incidents such as; a stolen item, property damage, anti-social behaviour or if you suspect drug use or dealing.

I’ve just seen someone deal drugs.

In the event of a crime in progress such as drug dealing please call 999. If a crime has already happened, please call 101.

Report a non-emergency crime here


Flytipping is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land, i.e., waste dumped or tipped in a place with no license to accept it.

What should I do in the event of flytipping?

Please report flytipping via Exeter City Council’s website. Any of the following information you can supply would be helpful:   

  • where the fly-tip is located 
  • photos of the location and/or what has been tipped 
  • a description of the person(s) fly tipping 
  • the date and time the fly tipping was seen, including the time the offence started and finished 
  • details of any other witnesses with you 
  • a description (make, colour, markings) and registration number of any vehicle involved 

Report a flytipping here


How should I deal with graffiti?

InExeter can remove some graffiti through our dedicated street cleaning service. Please telephone us on 01392 424 975 or report via the service form on this page You can also report graffiti to Exeter City Council here.

Report graffiti to the council here
What if I notice graffiti on property that I don’t own?

If you notice graffiti on property that is owned by someone else, for example Network Rail, Environment Agency, Devon County Council, Open Reach etc. you are advised to report this directly to them. 


Leaves and trees.

Exeter City Council regularly sweeps the city’s streets and Devon County Council clear drains throughout the year. If you are in a managed shopping environment e.g. Princesshay, your landlord provides this service to you.

How should I deal with leaves and trees?

You may find that the quickest way to deal with leaves outside your property is to sweep them yourself.  Should you feel that a council tree is unsafe, please report it to us using the form found in the link below.

Report an unsafe tree

Littering and overflowing bins.

InExeter can provide assistance through our street cleansing service for some issues relating to litter and overflowing bins. However, our approach is to work with business’ and waste collection providers to find sustainable solutions to these issues.

What should I do if I am having trouble with bins or litter around my premises?

Please let us know if you are experiencing problems with your bins and litter around your premises. We employ a dedicated street cleansing service for the benefit of our business and can often provide a quick response. Please telephone us on 01392 424 975 or report via the form.

Report an issue here
How should I dispose of my waste?

Businesses are required to dispose of their waste responsibly, which includes having adequate commercial waste collection in place. More information about your responsibility is a available by following the link below.

Disposing of my waste responsibly
Where can I find a waste management service?

Exeter City Council provide a comprehensive range of waste management services. Other private companies also provide trade waste collection e.g. Binit and Devon Contract Waste. Please contact service providers directly.  InExeter does not provide endorsement for any specific companies.  

More about Commercial waste services

Marketing and promotion.

We are here to help celebrate your business. We accommodate many different forms of marketing and promotion that tailor to all businesses! If there is something we can do to help you shout about something special then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Where can I contact InExeter?

Email us at or fill out our services form here.

Contact us here!

Parking and pavements.

Pavement parking is illegal and creates hazards for pedestrians, particularly blind people, children and wheelchair and pushchair users because it forces it forces people out onto the road, putting them at risk from traffic. Pavements are not designed to carry the weight of a vehicle: parking on pavements causes damage which could result in an injury to someone else and adds to our maintenance costs.

What should I do if I see someone has parked obstructfully?

To report on regular pavement parking please call Devon County Council on 0345 155 1004. If pavement parking is causing willful obstruction of there is a danger, phone the police on 101. 

Report a pavement parking here


Pests can pose issues towards businesses especially regarding cleanliness, therefore, it is important that any issues with pests are handled correctly.

How should I deal with pests?

Exeter City Council’s pest control service offers advice and treatments for a range of insect and rodent infestations e.g., mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs etc. You can request a pest control survey or treatment through Exeter City Council. Other private companies providing pest control services include Rentokil and Isca Pest Control. Please contact service providers directly.  InExeter does not provide endorsement for any specific companies.  

Report pests here

Repairs and maintenance.

InExeter sometimes are asked to recommend contractors who can carry out repairs and maintenance e.g. drainage, plumbing, electrical, cleaning etc. We do not currently hold a list of preferred suppliers. We would suggest using Check a Trade/Trust a Trader searches.

Trip hazards.

Trip hazards include; uneven or broken flags, blocks, or paving stones, dislodged or damaged kerbs, channels, or edgings, damaged steps.

What should I do if I notice a trip hazard?

If you notice a trip a hazard on public property please report this to the Devon County Council. However, if the trip hazard is located in a shopping centre or managed area such as Princesshay or Guildhall shopping centre you are advised to  report this directly to them.

Report to the Devon County Council here

Verbal abuse and physical assault.

Verbal abuse and physical assault are criminal offences and should be reported to the police. In case of an emergency, please call 999. In a non-emergency, you can report to the police by dialing 101 or online at If you are a member of Exeter Business Against a Crime (EBAC), you can also report using the DISC system.

How can I find more information on business crime?

The National Business Crime Centre has produced guidance to support businesses when reporting crime. They also provide advice on how to write an Impact Statement for Business (IBS), which under the Victims’ Code, all businesses or enterprises (such as charities) that have had criminal offences committed against them are entitled to make.

Find guidance and more information here

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