Anti Social Behaviour.

Anti-Social behaviour and in particular the criminal element of this, is a key problem for Exeter businesses. Find out more about what we are planning to do to support our member businesses

Training Courses.

At InExeter, we are dedicated to supporting the continuous development and enhancement of skills within our business community. Recognising the diverse needs of our members, we offer a variety of accredited training courses throughout the year. These are designed not only to comply with regulations but also to empower your team and enhance your business operations.

Our training portfolio includes:

  • Level 2 Food Hygiene – Essential for businesses involved in food preparation and service.
  • Mental Health Awareness – Equipping your team to support mental well-being in the workplace.
  • Emergency First Aid at Work – Critical skills for handling health emergencies effectively.
  • Fire Safety – Training to ensure your business meets fire safety regulations and best practices.

All member businesses have free access to these courses, ensuring your team is skilled, compliant, and competitive.

We are committed to expanding our training offerings based on the specific needs and feedback of our members. If there are additional courses you would like us to consider, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to support your business's growth and success.

Business Photography.

InExeter recognises the power of professional imagery in effective marketing. To help our members stand out in competitive markets, we fund professional photography sessions, providing you with a portfolio of high-quality images. These can be used across various marketing channels to enhance your business's visibility and appeal.

Enhance Your Marketing with Professional Images

  • Portfolio Creation – Receive a set of professionally captured images that showcase the best of your business.
  • Marketing Tool – Use these images to elevate your website, social media profiles, and promotional materials.


At InExeter, our communication strategy is designed to support and uplift our member businesses and to celebrate the vibrant city of Exeter with a wider public audience. We use a variety of channels and methods to ensure that both objectives are met effectively and efficiently.

How We Communicate:

  • Monthly Email Newsletter: We keep our members informed and engaged through regular updates, which include news, opportunities, and insights. All business members receive this newsletter, ensuring you are always in the loop
  • WhatsApp Groups: To foster a sense of community and facilitate direct communication, we have established WhatsApp groups for businesses in different parts of the city. These groups are a quick way to receive updates and connect with fellow businesses. If you wish to join, please message us on XX.
  • Printed Materials: Our commitment to thorough communication is also reflected in our printed materials, which include a 5-year business plan, an annual review, and an introduction letter. These documents are essential for understanding the full scope of our activities and plans
  • Group Meetings: We host regular meetings, including focus groups and networking events, which provide valuable opportunities for members to engage with one another and gain insights into specific topics. Check out our events programme.
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM): Our AGM is a key event where we discuss achievements, plans, and hear directly from our members about their experiences and suggestions. Our next AGM is June 18.
  • 1-2-1 Meetings: For personalised support, we offer one-to-one meetings with business members. These sessions are an opportunity to discuss specific business needs and how InExeter can support your growth

Data and Insight

At InExeter, we are committed to ensuring that our business community is equipped with the most relevant and timely information about our city. Understanding the dynamics of Exeter’s economic and social environment is vital for making informed decisions, and we strive to keep our members ahead of the curve.

Real-Time Footfall Analysis .

We operate a network of seven footfall cameras strategically placed around the city to monitor pedestrian traffic. This crucial data allows us to capture and analyse trends in real-time, helping businesses understand customer patterns and plan effectively. Our members can access weekly and monthly footfall reports, which are available free of charge, providing a detailed breakdown of activity in key areas.

Vacancy Rate Monitoring .

Keeping track of vacancy rates is essential for maintaining the vitality of our city centre. We use this data to collaborate with Exeter City Council, commercial agents, and property owners, influencing decision-making processes and strategies aimed at revitalising and maximising the use of commercial spaces. Our proactive approach helps anticipate market changes and supports the sustainable development of Exeter.

Informed Decision Making .

Our insights go beyond basic statistics. By integrating data from various sources, including the comprehensive Exeter City Factsheet by Centre for Cities, we provide a rounded view of Exeter’s economic health. This information is invaluable for businesses looking to invest, expand, or simply stay competitive in a fast-evolving environment.

At InExeter, we believe in the power of data to transform our city. We are dedicated to sharing these insights, ensuring that every member of our community has the knowledge they need to thrive. Whether you’re planning a new venture, looking to expand, or seeking to understand market trends, our data and insights are here to guide you every step of the way.